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How do we know when is there a tip release? Any advance notice? We do not provide advance notices. You need to check your email 1-3 hours before any match.
You can also visit this site. There will be an announcement on the bottom of the main page if any tips is released.
Bookietips does not accept non-receipt of releases or reinstate any Tickets used.
It is the responsibility of the Members to email us immediately when the announcement is made.
How many tips will I receive for the Monthly Membership? Any minimum number of tips? There is no gaurantee number of tips but if there is less than 6 tips released during your Membership period, Members will have the subsequent month free.
How do I know my balance Tickets or Membership expiry? Members will receive a password after activation of account where you can login to check.
I have problem using my credit card to purchase, what is wrong? Credit Card payment temporary not available.
How do I know if your records are genuine? All tips released will be posted on our "Latest Release" page upon the start of the 2nd half of the tipped matches.
Why not post the released in the Members' account or any password protected page? Tips are only release through email is to ensure fairness for all Members as passwords can be shared.
Members who after receiving Bookietips's releases and re-email to others is none of our concern.
Our responsibility is only to protect our Members interest.
Why can't I purchase the "1 Month's Releases"? "1 Month's Releases" Membership is only available to existing Members.
The pacakge is considered to be more advantageous and cost saving as Members will received tips on ANY event.
New Members are required to purchase any 3 tips to be eligible to purchase the Monthly Membership.
The Membership is also only available via Bank Wire due to the high fraud in online purchases.
Why didn't I receive the tips after I purchased it immediately upon noticing the release announcement? Credit Card purchases requires verification hence tips will not be released on same day of purchase.